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MountainMax Pricing [?]
MountainMax 15Mb Residential  $39.95/month
MountainMax 30Mb Premium  $64.95/month
MountainMax 7Mb Basic  $29.95/month

Internet Access  RESIDENTIAL
Your children's homework. Paying bills. Planning that family vacation. Comparing vehicles. Instant-messaging with family. These are all things that we do online, and we're doing more of them everyday! That's why it's nice to have a local high-speed Internet provider that cares about you and your family.

Internet Access
Mountain West Telephone offers Internet connectivity for every type of need and budget, up to 50M to select locations!

With blazing speeds up to 30M, NEW MountainMax let's you browse the web faster! Streaming audio and video come across like never before. If you'd like to try a better Internet, call us at (307) 233-8400 for more information!
Attention Gamers
It doesn't matter whether you're battling elves, sniping assassins, or intercepting a pass — Internet lag time can steal your glory. At Mountain West Telephone, we understand that just increasing your bandwidth won't help reduce lag time. That's why we offer special, low-latency Internet service developed specifically for online gaming.
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Get ready for a new kind of Email: The kind that actually saves you time, instead of the kind that fills up with junk mail and gives your computer a virus.
With Mountain West Telephone, our High-Speed Internet delivers more than the Web. Email, Video, Music, Photos, News, a Calendar, and Contacts can all be managed and accessed online via Pronto!, a unified life application brought to you by Mountain West Telephone. With Pronto!, you'll find everything you'd expect from expensive Email, Time Management, and Multimedia Management software — without having to pay a penny for it. Plus, since Pronto! is an Adobe Flash application, you can securely access it from anywhere with an Internet connection, and never have to worry about email viruses.
Of course, you don't have to use Pronto! All standard¹ Email programs are fully supported, as well as many additional features used by popular Email and Time Management software.²
Pront Demonstration
Click to see Pronto! in action

Pronto! Features
  Email   Calendaring
  Contact Management   Appointment Sharing
  Secure Instant Messaging   Digital Video Management
  Digital Music Management   Digital Photo Management
  VoiceMail Management   Blogging and Web Tools
  News Feeds and News Archiving   Conference Call Bridging
At Mountain West Telephone, we care about the security of our customers and their computers, and we understand the threat that computer viruses pose to these concerns. That's why we use industrial-strength anti-virus programs that ensure the Emails you get are virus-free.
Anti-Virus Features
  Multiple Industrial Anti-Virus Programs
  Anti-Virus Software Optimized For Email
  Real-Time Virus Library Updates
  Detects Known and Unknown Viruses
  Advanced Heuristic Algorithms
Spam Blocking
You already receive enough Email to sort through without having thousands of junk Emails hit your Inbox. Unfortunately, it turns out that people are a lot better at spotting spam than normal computers are. That's why we use human-driven software that utilizes Artificial Intelligence technology and takes instant advantage of user feedback to keep your Inbox clean.
Spam Blocking Features
  Supports White Listing / Black Listing
  User-Adjustable Sensitivity Control
  Works Without User Involvement
  Includes Bayesian Filtering
  Outlook Plugin Supports Spam Adjustments and Quarantine
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Web Pages
Whether you want to post photos, essays, or your family history, having Internet Access from Mountain West Telephone automatically entitles you to your own chunk of cyberspace. Plus, we provide the tools and tips you'll need to make the most of it.
Put Your Family on the Web
  Easy-to-use Tools
  High-speed Servers
  Web Manuals
  Useful Links
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* All speeds described in terms of Downstream / Upstream speeds. Actual speeds may vary based on location and a variety of other factors. T1 and DSL connections are not available in all locations, and not all DSL-qualified lines will support all speeds.

¹ Full support for POP, IMAP, SMTP, LMTP, iCalendar, vCard and many other RFC-based standards.  ² Many non-standard Microsoft® Outlook™ features supported with downloadable plugin.

† Anti-Virus software implementing Heuristic Algorithms use Artificial Intelligence to detect viruses based on behavior rather than just scanning for known viruses.

‡ Bayesian Filtering uses advanced mathematical techniques to identify spam Email, and automatically adjusts itself based on advanced reasoning. (More)
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