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Our lives are becoming increasingly dependent on fast and reliable internet services to do business and connect our devices. From video streaming to Wi-Fi enabled thermostats and lighting, your home and office are dependent on internet speeds and connections you can count on. Streaming and gaming are incredibly smooth on our broadband and fiber internet offerings. Reach speeds of up to 500 Mbps on wireless and up to 10Gbps with fiber.

We've provided dependable wireless internet services to homes and businesses for over a decade in the Casper area. Now offering service in many areas of central and southeastern Wyoming. Click below or call us at 307-233-8333 to see if we have service in your area.

Residential Internet prices in Wyoming

Residential Wireless Internet


  • Basic Home Service - $39.95 per month+ | 15x5 Mbps
    Internet at an affordable price.
  • Standard Home Service - $49.95 per month+ | 30x10 Mbps
    Streaming service at a great price
  • Premium Home Service - $59.95 per month+ | 50x20 Mbps
    Good for streaming and working from home. 20Mbps of upload speed makes video conferencing run smoothly.
  • Premium Plus Home Service - $74.95 per month+ | 100x20 MbpsStream, Work, and Play! Streaming your favorite shows, working from home and gaming at incredible speeds.

    Mountain West has even higher speeds available in some areas. Call us today and see how fast and affordable a local Wyoming company can be.

    + Basic Installation $40 one time charge. Pricing and availability may vary based on location. Wireless Internet requires line-of-sight to one of our towers.

Residential Internet prices in Wyoming

Business Wireless/Fiber Internet

Speeds up to 500 Mbps on wireless to 10Gbps with fiber.

  • Economy Business Service - $49.95 per month+ | 15x5 Mbps
    Affordable wireless internet for your business.
  • Fiber-Optic Service - $100.00 per month o | 50x50 Mbps
    Fiber direct to your business not only lets you enjoy incredible speeds but is extremely secure.
  • Dedicated Wireless - $149.95 per month o | 100x100 Mbps
    Point to point fixed wireless internet gives you the same incredible speeds as an optical cable while saving you on installation costs.
  • More Options are Available
    Mountain West offers a wide variety of Internet access and speed options, scalable for any organization. Call us today and see how refreshing it can be to work with a local Wyoming company for your internet needs.

    + Basic Installation $40 one time charge. Pricing and availability may vary based on location.
    o Availability and installation of fiber and fixed wireless require a custom quote.

How can Fiber-Optic internet service improve your business?

Fiber internet is the bakebone of future communications and has a wide range of benefits for modern businesses, including:

  • Safety - cable internet can be tapped into fairly easily. Fiber is extremely secure and provides boosted data security for your business.
  • Cloud access - with the incredible speeds of fiber internet, your business has fast and reliable access to data stored online.
  • Reliability - fiber internet is not affected by weather or electrical interference. Prevent downtime that can slow your productivity.

Don't have the infrastructure already in place? We can even design and build to outfit your home or office with modern internet connections. Call Mountain West Technologies at 307-233-8333 for wireless internet services today.