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Data Center / Colocation
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Casper Center
Being one of the largest Internet providers in Wyoming puts us in position to get long-term, rock-bottom pricing from multiple National Internet backbone providers. Our redundant networks combined with top-dollar infrastructure and hard-earned expertise has allowed us to provide exceptionally high-quality Internet and phone service at unbeatable prices.

Then we had a realization. We've spent millions to build world-class data facilities , so why should other companies have to spend the money to build their own? That realization has led to us opening our data centers as Carrier Neutral to host your company's critical data systems at extremely competitive prices.

Private Rack Space
Colocation in a Mountain West data center connects your most critical systems to redundant National backbones for guaranteed uptime. Combined with triple power redundancy, redundant cooling system, 24/7 access controlled environment, certified technicians, nearly-unlimited bandwidth and x-connect options, real time monitoring, heavy-duty security, in a disaster-free location and with extremely competitive pricing, we offer an unbeatable value for your data center needs.
Feature Overview
  Redundant Internet backbone
  Redundant conditioned power
  Redundant cooling systems
  Guaranteed uptime
  24/7 access and support
  Low-latency, high bandwidth
  Disaster-free location
  Strong security
  Competitive pricing
Redundant Internet Backbone
Being a provider of emergency 911 service for our customers, we have a legal obligation to ensure that our network is always connected. To meet this requirement, our facilities are dual US Sonet ring fiber fed with national Interstate Multi 10G backbone access.
Disaster-Free Location
The unique physical location of our data centers provides protection against natural disasters. Nestled amidst the Rocky Mountains in central Wyoming, our data centers are virtually immune to flooding, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, and tidal waves.
Mountain West Telephone data centers house critical communications equipment, including systems that provide emergency 911 service. For this reason, we spared no expense when selecting power, cooling, and fire suppression systems.
Power Strategy
Our power strategy includes power conditioners, three-phase uninterruptible power supply systems, and diesel-powered generators to deliver uninterrupted power if a critical incident occurs.
Add-On Services
We have everything you need to make your colocation solution just right. Our add-on services include storage and backup, security, custom monitoring solutions, consulting, and more.
Choose Your Cabinet
We offer a range of highly secure colocation cabinets and private cages to accommodate your equipment. Sizes range from a 1/8 locking cabinet to a full locking cabinet, to customized cages. Each is equipped with cooling, power, and redundant high-speed ethernet and/or fiber connections to our network.
Access and Security
We offer 24/7 access to your equipment via appointed technicians. Whether it's 2pm or 2am, we're there to provide physical support any time of the day or night. For security purposes, direct access is restricted to normal business hours and is under strict surveillance. Various physical security systems are in place to deter and prevent intrusions.
Expert NOC and Tech Support
With Mountain West Telephone, you'll have access to one of the fastest and brightest Network Operation Centers (NOCs) in the industry. No need to bombard support with helpdesk tickets, we take care of you on your first call. In most cases, your issue will be resolved within minutes, allowing you to get back to more important things.
Cooling Strategy
For cooling, we implement industry best practices for cooling and airflow management. This includes heat rejection strategies; an in-room temperature regulation system featuring computer room air conditioners, in-row cooling, in-rack cooling, high-density cooling, and refrigerant monitoring systems; and multi-ton packaged rooftop cooling units.
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Virtual Rack Space
If you're tired of dealing with hardware headaches and system limitations then virtualization is the ideal solution for your company. Featuring 21st-century virtualization technology, our data centers provide companies with real IT nirvana.
Virtual Clients
Let us help you simplify system administration and get the most of your computing resources through a hosted Microsoft Windows client solution featuring Microsoft Terminal Services.
Virtual Servers
Tired of dealing with a web hosting company that only gives you FTP access? Does your web software have special package requirements that no one seems to provide? Have you dreamed of having full control over your webhosting environment? Reclaim full system control with a hosted virtual server. Includes SSH with root access, the ability to choose whatever operating system and distribution you want, and provides all the bandwidth and convenience of a hosted solution without any of the restrictions.
General Features
  No hardware headaches
  Data redundancy
  Guaranteed uptime
  Low-latency, high bandwidth
  Redundant Internet backbone
  Disaster-free location
  24/7 access and support
  Competitive pricing

Supported Operating Systems
  Linux   Unix
  Solaris   FreeBSD
  OS X   Windows

Virtual Server Features
  Choice of OS / Distro
  SSH with root access
  Full system control
  Install any package
  Instant server upgrades
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