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  NOC of the Rockies - Casper One Wilshire - Los Angeles 6101 - Cheyenne Westin Building - Seattle  
Westin Building - Seattle  DATA CENTERS / COLO
One of the leading interconnection facilities in the United States located in Seattle, Washington. The Westin Building is considered by many around the world to be a major hub of technological pioneering as well as the primary colocation, hosting and interconnection facility in the region. Located at the crossroads of telecommunications in Seattle, the Westin Building affords neutral interconnection points to Asian, Canadian, European and American network service providers, carriers, and Internet service providers.

Bring the world back a our secure low risk of disaster environments instead of placing your expensive equipment on the risk line.

Connections from carriers and providers here can be x-connected back to NOR and 6101' secure facilities across MWTN managed facilities at this location.

Space Products:

Half and 1/4 cabinets
Conduit and Inner-duct

Power Products:

AC power - UPS backed
20 and 30 amp breakers
208V 1-phase, 208V 3-phase, and 480V DC power
20-100 amp breakers


Our 24x7 Network Operations Center (NOC) staff provides on-site datacenter security and monitoring in each of our data centers. The NOC helps to identify potential issues and provide resolution before any networks problems occur.

We utilize advanced network monitoring software, combined with our monitoring and escalation procedures, to ensure the highest standards for security, reliability, performance and systems availability.

The NOC Staff Monitors:

- Our redundant network cores in all of our data centers: if a router or high-level network appliance goes down for any reason, there is no loss of service.
- The multiple cross-connects between our data centers: if any multi-gigabit connection becomes unavailable, traffic automatically re-routes to the remaining connections. No facility has less than two dis-separate route fiber connections.
- The speed and performance of our network routes: analyzing and optimizing when necessary.
Our customers servers, cloud environment, backup systems, power, environmental, security, hardware, and applications.

We take pride in our ability to work with our customers to develop a custom monitoring solution. Our Network Operations Center provides a rapid responsive, the very best in the business.
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