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Is Your Data Safe?

You can trust Mountain West for secure data services in Wyoming!

A lot has changed since physical folders and filing cabinets were the norm in the office. Data servers can store all of your valuable digital information in a secure and accessible format. Are you interested in using cloud storage for data organization and sharing? Choose Mountain West Technologies as your Data Center & colocation provider in Central, and Southwestern Wyoming.

Mountain West Technologies offers both remote data storage and on-site cloud infrastructure depending on your company's needs. Gain peace of mind knowing your data servers are secure and protected. (307) 233-8400 today to discuss your storage needs.

Why are more and more companies switching to colocation data centers?

Why are more and more companies switching to colocation data centers?

While some companies are content with managing their own on-site data centers and cloud storage options, many of them are switching to external data facilities. Consider Mountain West Technologies as your colocation provider to benefit from:

  • Added Security - colocation centers are in charge of multiple companies' data and offer some of the highest levels of security in the industry to keep all of it safe.
  • Savings - it costs quite a bit for a company to build and maintain their own data center and cloud storage system. Renting out that duty can free up huge amounts of overhead costs in your business.
  • Scale - it's nearly impossible to predict the data infrastructure of your company multiple years down the road. The flexibility of rental data space allows your storage to grow along with you.

Whether you decide to handle your own cloud system or use an external data center, Mountain West Technologies is your go-to choice in Wyoming. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable rates.