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Delivering Internet Access to a business varies greatly in complexity from company to company, and that's why we can't just say up front how much it will cost. The following questions should help us arrive at a number for you, and it will help us make sure we get the job done right!

We like to ask quite a few questions when we first meet a business because understanding their needs is our first priority. Otherwise, talking numbers is difficult because we won't understand the costs involved.
Contact & Location Information
Since we can't do much for you until we know who you are and how to to contact you, we like to start with the basics before diving into the details. Plus, where your business is physically located can impact the range of services we can offer you.
Company Name
Company Phone #
Primary Contact
Contact Phone #
Email Address
Service Address
Postal Code
Existing Providers
If you currently have voice (telephone) and Internet/data services provided at the service address given above, we can gather important information about the level of service we can provide if we know who you are currently getting those services from.
Voice Provider
Internet Provider
Number Transfers
If your company is like most, you have invested a great deal of money into your primary phone number and fax number. You have put those numbers on your business cards and letterhead, they are published on your website, and you have had them listed in the phone book. Those numbers are valuable to you and your business, and because of that value, you will want to keep those numbers if you choose to switch carriers.
Primary Phone #
Fax #
Devices and Lines
The most important information we can collect to assess your needs is the number of telephone lines and communications devices you will be using. By determining and sharing this information with us, you can help us determine the degree of complexity involved with deploying a solution. Without this information, we simply won't be able to arrive at a quote.
Telephone Lines
Desktop Phones
Analog Credit Card Machines
Desktop Computers
Wireless Phones
Analog Fax Machines
Analog Postage Machines
Laptop Computers
The checklist below lists several special-configuration functionalities offered by Mountain West Telephone. Understanding whether you will be using these features is key to determining the complexity of your deployment.
Has your organization previously set up an account lock that may restrict Mountain West Telephone from acting on your behalf in order to change your carrier?
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