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Business Telephone
Phone Service  BUSINESS
You've got to fax the purchase orders to Denver, Lincoln, and Houston; arrange for airline travel to the trade show in Las Vegas next week, and the summit in Washington, D.C. the week after; call all 27 of your vendors (and email all 193 of their reps) to notify them of your new location in the capital; and track down that salesman in Calgary. All before noon.

At Mountain West Telephone, we understand that your communications needs are critical. That's why we offer the most reliable, affordable, and comprehensive voice and data services on the market. No matter how large or small your organization is, we have solutions you can depend on.

Standard Services
From simple necessities like Voicemail through advanced features like Call Park, Mountain West Telephone's Hosted PBX solution brings you the standard features you expect from your business telephone system without the huge price tag.
Standard Features
  Voicemail   Call Forward
  Caller ID   Call Transfer
  Line Rollovers   Call Hold
  Call Park   Call Waiting
Voicemail has become one of the most widely-used telephone features since the invention of the telephone. With Voicemail accessible from your telephone at the touch of a button, or from your computer via the web, Mountain West Telephone has made something great even better.
Caller ID
Don't ever be caught off-guard again. With Caller ID, you'll know who is on the other side of the phone before answering, allowing you to screen calls and avoid wasting time listening to unwanted sales pitches. Plus, using many of our high-quality business phones, you can see Caller ID information along with the telephone number when viewing your missed or received call logs.
Call Waiting
It never seems to fail: Ten minutes of phone silence will always be followed by five calls in two minutes. At Mountain West Telephone, we have no idea why it happens, but we do have a solution for it. Call Waiting allows you to have multiple people dialing into the same line at once without getting a busy signal, so you can still make both callers happy.
Call Hold
Turn on-hold experiences into positive up-sell opportunities with the advanced Call Hold features from Mountain West Telephone. For a one-time fee of $15.00*, your customers could be hearing your advertisements along with your choice of music.

* Does not include the costs associated with music royalties or advertisement production. Single-time fee of $2.00 per change made after initial setup also applies.
Call Forward
For days when you know you'll be out of the office, Call Forwarding brings your business telephone number with you (or sends it to someone else). By simply choosing the Call Forward option and entering a new number, you can be away without being gone.
Call Transfer
With business telephone service from Mountain West Telephone, we deliver the call transferring features you expect, and even more. Line status features on many of our business phones allow receptionists to see whether a line is already busy before transferring, and Conference Transferring allows your employees to introduce customers to the people they are being transferred to before getting off the line.
Line Rollovers
Similar to Call Forwarding, Line Rollovers are more permanent call re-routes based on the number of times a phone rings. So, if you want some backup for your receptionist when the company's call volume hits its new all-time high, we can set up a phone to forward calls to a different number after, for example, three rings.
Call Park
With the Call Park feature from Mountain West Telephone, you can easily move from phone to phone while maintaining a telephone conversation without calling a customer back and without rushing to answer a phone you transferred a call to.

By simply hitting the park button, getting a conversation code, and re-entering the code on the destination phone, you can move freely around the office and keep the conversation with you.
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Enhanced Services Package
When we say Enhanced Service don't think "services that cost more." Think extra features that are pretty darn useful.

Besides, we bundle our Enhanced Services Package with our standard business phone service at no extra charge, so the service is enhanced instead of the price.
Enhanced Features
  Auto-Attendant (AA/IVR)   Conference Calling
  Multiple Line Appearances   Conference Bridging
  Hunt Groups   Call Join
  Pickup Groups   4-Digit Dialing
  Message Boxes   Call Recording
Auto-Attendant (AA/IVR)
Just lose that invaluable receptionist? No worries; with our Auto-Attendant (AA) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, you won't lose stride. Simply have all your in-bound calls hit the AA/IVR first, and route the calls accordingly for you. Shoot, you may just decide you don't even need to hire someone new!
Multiple Line Appearances
Supported by most of our business phones, Multiple Line Appearances allow a single phone to have more than one phone number for placing and receiving phone calls. In addition, lines may be standard lines, shared lines, hunt group lines, pickup group lines, or any combination.
Hunt Groups / Ring Groups / Shared Lines
In high call-volume situations, having just one person answering calls is not enough, and it can become too confusing for a receptionist to delegate calls to different numbers based on who is available.

Hunt Groups provide the solution to this business problem. By having numerous telephones all ring for the same call, and stop ringing after one person answers it, high call volumes can be handled very efficiently.
Pickup Groups
You can hear the phone ringing in the office across the hall, but you know full well that the office is empty because you just saw Sam leave for lunch. You consider walking across the hall to answer it before you recall that you're in Sam's Pickup Group.

You pick up the receiver on your phone and hit the Pickup key. The ringing ends as the conversation begins. Now you just need to decide whether to tell Sam you made a grand on commission while he was at lunch.
Message Boxes
A Message Box is a voice mailbox that exists independently from any telephone, and is particularly useful in business when it is desirable for a telephone number or Auto-Attendant option to go straight to Voicemail. This Message Box can then be checked and messages securely retrieved from any phone in the company.
Conference Calling
Sometimes the key to pulling it off — whatever it happens to be — is getting everybody together to talk about it. But sometimes they aren't all in the same location. Sometimes, they're not even in the same city or state. With Conference Calling from Mountain West Telephone, getting them all on the same page is easy.
Conference Bridging
Have a conference with the vendor, your customer, your salesman and your boss scheduled for 2:30? Not a problem. With support for a large number of unique participants, Conference Bridging allows you to easily set up a telephone number that everyone can dial into. You just give them the number and a security code, and at 2:30 they'll all be talking.
Call Join
A call comes in. Your inventory manager begins to explain that the freight still isn't in when another call comes in on the second line. It's the vendor, but his apologies aren't going to remedy the situation.

Similar to conference calling, Call Join allows you to connect two incoming calls into one conference call so you don't have to be in the middle.
4-Digit Dialing
Why dial seven digits to call someone who works for you? With four-digit dialing, organizations save time and money by allowing co-workers to dial shorter, more memorable extensions — even if they're physically located in different cities or states.
Call Recording
With business telephone service from Mountain West Telephone, you can finally have the ability to conveniently, reliably and securely record phone conversations without expensive hardware recorders.

Our Call Recording feature works at the touch of a button with many of our phones, and with its secure, web-based interface you can listen to and download your conversations conventiently.
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Featuring Pronto!, the industry's leading-edge unified communications platform by Communigate Systems, Mountain West Telephone is setting the pace for business productivity offerings from telephone and data service providers.

Pronto! is a web-based application including the most useful features found in Microsoft Outlook (email, calendars, contacts) as well voice, video, instant messaging, and news features. Delivered right to the desktop via a web browser, Pronto! is easy for businesses to deploy to their users and makes it possible for employees to access their crucial information anywhere.

Normally priced at $119.95 per user (compared to $109.95 for Microsoft Outlook), Pronto! is the premiere business productivity software on the market. As a special deal to our business phone service customers, sign up now and get it for free!
Pront Demonstration
Click to see Pronto! in action

Pronto! Features
  Email   Calendaring
  Contact Management   Appointment Sharing
  Secure Instant Messaging   VoiceMail Management
  RSS Feeds and Management   Conference Call Bridging
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