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Addressing the intense needs of communication coordinators, the Cisco 7914 Attendant Console extends the capabilities of the Cisco 7960 and 7970 with additional buttons and an LCD display. With this expansion module, you add 14 buttons to the existing six buttons of the Cisco 7960 or the existing eight buttons of the Cisco 7970. A total of 28 buttons can be added to compatible business phones by coupling two Cisco 7914 Attendant Consoles together.
The Cisco 7914 is dynamic and designed to grow with system capabilities. Features will keep pace with new changes via software updates. A few currently available features are listed below.

Cisco 7914 Features:
Large LCD display allows for quick and easy identification of associated buttons.
Settings control integration with host phone allows for contrast control.
Each button programmable as a line key, speed-dial key, or directory number key.
When used as a directory number key, buttons are illuminated allowing for easy identification of line status.
Other Cisco 7914 Features
  Must Have For Receptionists
  14 Programmable Buttons
  Combinable For Up To 28
Additional Buttons
  Web-based Configuration
  Cisco 7960/7970 Compatible
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